Consumer rights class 10 notes, class 10 economics chapter 5 notes

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10 Class Economics Chapter 5 consumer rights notes

ClassClass 10
Chapter Chapter 5
Chapter Nameconsumer rights
CategoryClass 10 Economics Notes

Consumer rights class 10 notes, class 10 economics chapter 5 notes. here we will be learn about Consumers, rights of consumers, reasons for exploitation of consumers Consumer Protection Act 1986 (COPRA), duties of consumers etc.

Class 10 Economics Chapter 5 consumer rights Notes

📚 Chapter = 5 📚
💠 consumer rights💠

❇️ Consumer :-

🔹 Consumer is a person who purchases goods and services for personal use.

❇️ Rights of consumer as per consumer protection act :-

  • Right to Safety
  • Right to choose
  • Right to be Heard
  • Right to be Informed
  • Right to Redress
  • Right to Healthy Environment
  • Right to Basic Need
  • Right to Consumer Education

❇️ Exploitation :-

🔹 The action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from work is Exploitation.

❇️ Forms of consumer exploitation :-

  • Deceptive advertising 
  • Unreasonable Prices. 
  • Adulteration 
  • Poor Quality of Products 
  • Deceptive Packing 
  • Underweight Supplies 
  • Deficiency in Service 
  • Negligence in Service

❇️ Factors responsible for the consumer exploitation :-

🔹 The following factors are responsible for the consumer’s exploitation :- 

  • Limited Information 
  • Limited Supplies 
  • Limited Competition 
  • Low Literacy

❇️ Consumer Right :-

🔹 Consumer Right is refers to right which provides safety to consumers from exploitation in market area.

❇️ RTI :-

🔹 RTI is an Act of the Parliament of India to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to Information.

❇️ Maximum Retail Price (MRP) :-

🔹 A Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is a manufacturer’s price that is the highest price that din be charged for a product sold in India.

❇️  Consumers International :-

🔹 In 1985, United Nations adopted the guidelines for consumer protection.

🔹 This was a tool for nations to adopt measures to protect consumers and for consumer advocacy groups to press their government to do so. 

🔹 At the international level, this has become foundation for consumer movement. 

🔹 Today, consumers International have become an umbrella body of over 250 member organisations in 120 countries, in which India is one of them.

❇️ Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) :-

🔹 Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) is an act of the Parliament of India enacted in 1986 to protect the interests of consumers in India.

❇️ How does COPRA help the consumers? 

  • It strengthened the consumer movement and provided the consumers with the right to seek redressal against the unfair trade practices and exploitation. 
  • Under COPRA, a three-level judicial system was set up for redressal of consumer disputes. 
  • To correct unfair business conduct.

❇️ Consumer Forum :-

🔹 it is a voluntary organization locally known as consumer forum or consumer protection council. 

🔹 They guide consumers how to file cases in the consumer courts. 

🔹 they may represent individual consumers in the consumer courts. 

🔹 They create awareness among the people for their consumers rights. 

❇️ Consumer Courts :-

🔹 Under the COPRA act three level courts are set up to hear the public grievances. It has the power to punish the culprits.

❇️ Judicial structure of consumer disputes in India :-

🔹 Under the COPRA act a three level judicial system set up. 

🔶 District level court :- It deals with cases involving claims up to 20 lakh rupees. 

🔶 State level court :- It deals with cases involving claims between 20 lakh and one crore. 

🔶 National level court :- It deals with cases which are exceeding rupees one crore.

❇️ Certification Mark :-

🔹 Certification Mark is indicating the existence of an accepted product standard and a claim that the manufacturer has tested the product to verify compliance with that standard.

❇️ Duties of Consumers :- 

  • Check the manufacturing and expiry date of a product. 
  • Taking a careful view while weighing any product. 
  • Should insist for Original Bills. 
  • Should insist for original product with quality logos on it.

❇️ Why are the Quality measurement used?

🔹 The quality measurement is used to satisfy a consumer. 

  • While purchasing many commodities, there is a logo with letters like ISI, AGMARK and so on. 
  • These logos and codification help consumers get assured of quality while purchasing the goods and services. 
  • The organizations that monitor and issue these certificates allow producers to use their logos provided they follow certain quality standards.

❇️ Qualities should have following by An ideal customer :-

  • Updates his knowledge of consumer’s rights and duties. 
  • Has an eco-friendly attitude. 
  • Prevents corruption rather than being a party of it. 
  • Conscious of standardization marks like ISO, ISI, and AGMARK and so on. 
  • Procures and preserves cash memo and warranty card. 
  • Under the COPRA act a three level judicial system set up.
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